The face, neck, and hands are  permanently exposed areas , therefore attacked by pollution (dust, environmental pollutants), the weather, traces of makeup, and lifestyle.

Although surgery in a single event allows us to improve skin and muscle flaccidity by removing what is in excess, returning to a more youthful appearance, the texture, smoothness, hydration, homogeneous color, and health of the skin depends solely on constant care. 

In  our Facial Spa, we offer a variety of treatments, personalized programs, appliances, and active ingredients that  regenerate and rejuvenate the skin in an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility.

The first and most important thing in the results is the evaluation, to detect which are the main problems suffered by the skin and make the diagnosis, select the treatment program and which active principles are the most appropriate for each case. 

What problems can we treat in a Facial Spa: 

  • Fatty, oily, and shiny skin. 
  • Dryness, skin. 
  • Skin aging. 
  • Melanosis / Melasma or spots. 
  • Rosacea / Redness. 
  • Active acne in medical treatment. 
  • Sequelae of acne. 
  • Post-operative support for facial surgeries. 
  • Preventive skin aging. 
  • Hair loss prevention. 
  • Administration of different active principles supported by the equipment. 
  • Facial Cleansing. 
  • Deep facial cleansing. 
  • Platelet Rich Plasma.


After skin evaluation and diagnosis  : 

  • Skin type (phototype). 
  • Hydration level. 
  • Thickness level. 
  • Oil level. 
  • Level of skin aging. 
  • Pigmentation level. 
  • Sensitivity level. 

The personalized plan is established with the selection of the exact equipment and active ingredients for each case. 



The treatment is based on deep  skin hygiene  through the steps that each case needs and include: 

  • Exfoliation of the superficial layers with mechanical or chemical peeling for a sweep of dead cells and impurities. 
  • Vaporization of the skin to improve facial circulation and dilate pores. 
  • Descaling or removal of open (black) and closed (white) comedones facilitated by the use of high-frequency equipment. 
  • Application of active principles through iontophoresis or electroporation. 
  • Application of special balancing (nourishing, moisturizing) masks. 
  • Facial lymphatic drainage. 
  • Additional supportive appliances if necessary. 

Facial cleansing with a preventive maintenance approach prevents the appearance of closed and open comedones and the skin will remain clean and healthier-looking.



  • The  facial  treatment  can be once a week, every 15 days, or monthly but daily facial care, cleaning, hydration-nutrition supported by maintenance products is of vital importance to maintain the result.
  • Also, lifestyle care such as an adequate diet, nutrient intake, hormonal balance, detoxification, and water intake adds a lot to the care, since the skin is the organ that reflects as a photograph what is happening inside the body.