It is a treatment based on the benefit of two different elements that are synergized, an ozone  steamer  device is used to transform  water into vapor and the oxygen in that vapor into ozone, therefore we have a double benefit.

  • Water vapor: in contact with the skin,  causes sweating that facilitates the elimination of toxins, hydration, and softening of the horny layer, which will simplify the subsequent extraction of comedones and the penetration of active products.
  • Ozone: Ozone has two important properties, it increases tissue oxygenation and has a bactericidal and germicidal effect.


  • Pores opening  for subsequent deep hygiene, without damaging the epidermis and dermis. 
  • Facilitates the removal of pimples, blackheads, makeup remains, and impurities. 
  • Purifies and hydrates the epidermis. 
  • Stimulates blood circulation. 
  • Disinfects the pores and acts against bacterial infections. 
  • Eliminates dead cells. 
  • Activates blood flow.


  • It is part of a deep facial cleansing program. 
  • Acne. 
  • Skin full of black and white comedones. 
  • Thickened and dried intoxicated skins. 


  • Begins by cleaning the rest of makeup and impurities from the skin. 
  • Application of a very gentle peel if necessary. 
  • Before spraying, protect the eyes with two moistened  cotton pieces . 
  • The steam outlet distance should be about 30 or 35 centimeters.
  • Application time will be 5 to 10 minutes on the face. 
  • Ozone generation is regulated by an independent switch, which allows its application to be carried out during the entire vaporization or only in part of it as necessary. 
  • It works with ozone mainly seborrheic and acneic skins, as long as it has a bactericidal and antiseptic effect. 
  • Dry the skin with disposable tissue to continue with the treatment.
  • Frequency: 5 times , weekly sessions and then once monthly. 

Additional Recommendations: 

It is a great  treatment for the  majority of skins, but it should be used with caution when there are very large pores on the skin with circulatory problems or excessively sensitive. In these cases, it is recommended to use minimum times. 


  • Acne rosacea. 
  • Active infections. 
  • Vasodilation.