There’s a lot of people with a  discomfort of the body contour is included within the so-called “Body Disharmony Syndrome”, among them we have: 

  1. Cellulitis. 

  2. Localized or regional fat. 

  3. Muscle flaccidity 

  4. Skin flaccidity

Their solution can be given from different approaches, with surgery being an option, but there is a percentage of patients who will not undergo surgery because: 

  • The problem is small and not worth it. 
  •  They have already had surgery and just need  maintenance. 
  •  They do not want to have surgery yet. 
  • The patient cannot be operated for any health condition that prevents it.

For them we have the following treatments: 

  • Fat reduction body treatments . 
  • Anti-cellulite treatments  
  • Anti-Sagging Muscle Treatments. 
  • Anti-sagging Skin Treatments.

It should not be forgotten all  the “aditionals”, needed to reach the desired objective, for example: 

  • Healthy alimentation. 
  • Correct intake of water. 
  • Rest. 
  • Physical activity at least 3 times a week walking 20 to 30 minutes.


Each patient undergoes a professional evaluation and after this  the appropriate program is designed for each case. We have a series of options and combinations of therapies, appliances, and active ingredients that will clearly improve what is bothering the patient  

Equipment and Treatments