Vacuum therapy, also called vacuum-dermo-mobilization, is a non-invasive treatment for aesthetic use that is applied to eliminate cellulite and localized adiposity, and other positive effects.

It works through continuous or intermittent suction on the subdermal tissue, exerting a diverse effect such as drainage of adipose tissue mobilizing localized fat towards the lymphatic system, stimulation of the blood supply of the dermis and hypodermis, and as an alternative to eliminate localized fat , it is usually a compliment to the Cavitation technique, on the other hand, it stimulates the elimination of toxins from the body as well as vascularization through a stimulating massage on the surface of the skin above the adipose tissue.

At a vascular level, vacuum therapy generates gymnastics similar to vasoconstriction-vasodilation, improving vascular tonicity, delaying aging. This exercise helps circulation by making blood and oxygen flow massively towards the tissues in general and those affected by cellulite, thus promoting and accelerating the drainage of toxins.


  • Contributes to  treat cellulite , improving the supply of extra oxygen, eliminating toxins and waste.
  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage by removing fluid and toxin retention.
  • Favors the elimination of high-weight proteins.
  • Improves circulation by facilitating good venous return.
  • Reduce contour measurements.
  • Contributes to weight loss.
  • Skin hydration effect.
  • Improves muscle tone by lifting the buttocks, toning the abdomen, and shaping the hips and contour.


  • Cellulite of different  degrees.
  • Part of reducing and anti-cellulite programs.
  • Can be associated with Ultra Cavitation.
  • Can be associated with Radiofrequency.
  • Mild disorders of the venous circulatory system.
  • Lymphatic congestion.

Buttock Vacuum Therapy:

It is used as part of the program for growing and lifting of muscle tissue, through large cups that are responsible for collecting the entire buttock. This treatment is considered one of the best therapeutic options for  lifting, working, and shaping the flaccidity of the buttock. The best thing about this procedure is that it is performed without requiring  local injection.

It is not a painful treatment since we will always adapt the intensity of the vacuum to the sensitivity of the skin of each is a pleasant and relaxing technique.

We know that the abuse of this therapy could generate  skin flaccidity, but this only happens in severe cases of pre-existing and long-standing skin flaccidity, not in muscle flaccidity, or mixed conditions such as flaccid cellulite.

How many sessions:

  • It is recommended to do between 6 and 15 sessions.
  • Once the treatment is finished, it is recommended to do one session monthly, to maintain the results.


  • Drink plenty of water during and after vacuum therapy.
  • Avoid a high carbohydrates diet and simple sugars.
  • Avoid excess of  salt.
  • Avoid everything that will delay the elimination process.
  • Physical activity.


  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Anticoagulated patients.
  • Coagulation Disorders.
  • Poorly controlled diabetes.
  • Neoplasms.