El Ultrasonido es una forma de energía no visible  que nos permite diversos beneficios de acuerdo a la longitud y potencia que lo usemos, es muy efectiva en tratamientos estéticos y terapéuticos ya que produce al interior de la piel e incluso más profundamente diversas reacciones que favorecen la absorción de medicamentos y principios activos.Ultrasound is a form of non-visible energy that allows us various benefits according to the wavelength and power that we use, it is very effective in aesthetic and therapeutic treatments since it produces different reactions inside the skin and even more deeply that favor the absorption of drugs and active ingredients.

Among its multiple effects we have:

Thermal Effect:

Produces vasodilation, improving blood circulation, and generating anti-inflammatory effects of relaxation and sedation of the tissues.

Chemical Effect:

It promotes the recombination of cellular fluids internally and thus the metabolic processes allow better absorption of the applied active principles.

Mechanical Effect:

It promotes an increase in metabolic activity and this leads to the enzymatic processes of cells rapidly achieving tissue repair.

Together these effects  allow cells to release harmful substances to be removed, such as toxic fat, and allow atrophied tissues to receive the benefits of the vibratory action of the waves and the components of the substances introduced, for perfect cell renewal.

Ultrasound also has multiple applications in medicine, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation, which is very helpful in processes such as:

  • Retractable scars.
  • Encapsulation of breast prostheses.
  • Fibrous processes in general.
  • Pressure sores.
  • Ligament and tendon injuries.
  • Musculoskeletal fibrosis.


  • Powerful anti-inflammatory effect and edema reabsorption.
  • Widely used postoperatively because it prevents and fights fibrosis.
  • Analgesic and muscle relaxant effect.
  • Stimulates cell regeneration.
  • Increases in the permeability of cell membranes for penetration of active principles.
  • Tones and cleanses the skin of impurities.


  • The application time per session ranges from 5 to 20 minutes.
  • The treatment can be carried out every other day, up to a maximum of 20 sessions, after which a 1-month rest is recommended before  starting a new  cicle of 10 sessions if necessary.


  • Avoid using in areas such as the eye, ear, ovary, testicles, or the heart. 
  • Pregnancy. 
  • Menstruation.  avoid the uterine area. 
  • Not on growth plates (children and young people of developing age). 
  • Neoplasms. 
  • Application area with active infection due to the danger of dissemination. 
  • Cardiac pacemaker carriers. 
  • Coagulopathies and recent hemorrhages, heparinized people. 
  • In thrombophlebitis due to the danger of detachment of the thrombus. 
  • Recent injuries due to the effect on the small vessels (avoid the first 48 hours).