The so-called “cellulite” is a problem that affects young or middle-aged women, thin or overweight.Medically the correct term would be subcutaneous geloid fibroadenoma, liposclerosis, or panniculosis. It is described as fatty tissue  alteration characterized by an accumulation of toxic fat with retention of fluids and toxins in great quantity with deformation of the skin surface. 





Types according to their consistency:

Soft or Flaccid Cellulite:

It occurs in people with a hereditary history of cellulite, who do not exercise or have gone through  frequent and drastic weight-loss diets. They present the orange peel sign and there is also sagging of the muscles and is accompanied by varicosities.

Hard Cellulite:

Typical of young women who usually practice gymnastics, dance, or sports with firm tissues and good muscle tone. This hard cellulite is evident through the pinching of the classic “orange peel”. It is the one that responds best to treatment.

Edematous Cellulitis:

Early  appearance, in puberty generally. It is the least frequent, accompanied by vascular problems and general edema of both extremities,  produces heaviness of the legs, pain, and difficulty to move. It responds well if we associate a correct treatment on the return circulation.

Mixed Cellulite:

It can be hard on the outside of the thigh and flaccid on the inside or hard on the legs and flaccid in the pelvic and abdominal region.

Areas that can be treated: 

  • High and low abdomen. 
  • Waist.
  •  Flanks.
  •  Back.
  •  Hip.
  •  Thighs.
  •  Buttocks.

After a personalized diagnosis, the appropriate program for each case is formulated through ultrasound, high-power ultra cavitation, together with a manual massage that reduces and attenuates orange peel skin and flaccidity. 

Anticellulite Manual Lymphatic Drainage:

It is an atraumatic massage whose purpose is to help the return of the lymph to its collecting centers. This emptying of the lymphatic channels has an antiedematous effect, reduces the tendency to fibrosis, and facilitates the exit of toxic materials retained in the cellulite areas. It is of choice in edematous cellulite.

Our programs generally consist of 10 one-hour sessions every day, combining the necessary equipment for each case.


Each patient undergoes a professional evaluation and after this  the appropriate program is designed for each case. We have a series of options and combinations of therapies, appliances, and active ingredients that will clearly improve what is bothering the patient  

Equipment and Treatments