Stress is a relationship between loads vs. resistance of the person, if the loads (work, family, partner, external pressures, society, the inner world) exceed the ability to resist, symptoms and signs of stress appear. 

At Girestetic we have as part of our Anti Age program the Stress reliever 101 workshop, that includes  development of personal happiness, and peace of mind. We handle it with three approaches:

  1. Biological Medicine r.
  2. Scientific Psychology.
  3. Philosophy of life: how you approach life projects 

 Some strategies:

  1. Meditation as part of the daily stress management routine.
  2. Learning to say NO by distinguishing you are saying NO to the proposal and not to the person.
  3. Well-being is a lifetime obligation.
  4. Development of personal projects.
  5. Personal spaces of enjoyment. 
  6. expanding your social life (if necessary)
  7. Increasing family time(f necessary)
  8. Development of the deep intention to have a good time at work.