Our cells understand what they know : water, vitamins, minerals, proteins like fish and good fats like avocados. They know what to do with them: they repair and build new tissues. 

But what happens if we give them preservatives, dyes and additives? they don’t know how to process them, because they feel damaged and intoxicated, so  they only can store it, damaging our body and metabolism. 

Today we know that a nutrient is not just food, it is also information that our cells use to repair themselves and  function  optimally . They provide instructions to our genes to gain or lose weight, to be healthy or sick, and also to have very good or very accelerated aging.

 At Girestetic we have our Alimentacion consciente (conscious eating) Program, that consists in nutritional monitoring, developed based on the diagnosis of the metabolic state of each patient, seeking long-term health increase and cutting nutritional risks to avoid the appearance of degenerative diseases . Taking into account that food suggested is:

 Functional and organic food: Use of foods high in nutrients and personalized, possibly free of pesticides.

  •      Anti-inflammatory
  •      Nutritionally high
  •      With Prebiotics and Probiotics, increasing intestinal health.
  •      Incorporation of intermittent fasting if necessary. 
  1. With programs that include menus that indicate what should be consumed.
  2. With recommendations of what foods to avoid.
  3. Guidance on the correct consumption of water, as it is an essential element for an adequate metabolism.