Humans  are genetically designed to move, a sedentary lifestyle is not part of our genome and if we don’t  move we deteriorate faster. The physical activity suggested in our program  is the  Hormetic exercise, that is, according to age and physical resistance and designed for each patient individually. It consists of exercises of increasing intensity, demanding discreetly beyond what we know we can tolerate and thus progressively increasing their complexity and intensity, being able to start with walks for example. That is where the benefit lies as we are conditioning and remodeling our muscles and growing stronger in the future.


The time of training must be moderate,because in excess it also oxidizes and ages. Just  half an hour or 45 minutes a day 5 times a week would be enough. This exercise will depend on the patient’s age . Some will be able to make it more intense and other people can begin with just 30 minutes walking a day and it will  help a lot.

 If possible and to maximize mitochondrial biogenesis: fasting training is a good idea , with little muscle glycogen, the body is forced to burn more fat, improving  the performance of our cellular engine called mitochondria.




We don’t need to be athletes. The greatest benefits of exercise have been seen with regular and moderate practice.