Today fatty tissue has gone from being simply fat to being considered “the adipose organ” for its dynamism and multiple functions since it can expand, grow and accumulate content within each of its cells, filling with different materials that it allows to enter inside. This happens in response to an intense protective function that it exerts, this self-care function allows to store toxic substances such as pesticides, dioxins, heavy metals (lead, mercury, aluminum, arachidonic acid), and too much toxins  that if circulate in blood  would damage the system since these substances are directly linked to inflammatory processes that eventually damage the body.

So is it wrong to gain weight?

Well, it is not bad from time to time to gain a few kilograms, if we understand that we have 30 to 45 days to lose them before that fatty tissue begins to store toxins. 

So what if I’ve been overweight for a long time?

When the person wants to lose weight after a long time of being overweight, the TCSC (full of toxins) in that protective eagerness refuses to release its content because if it does so it will release all these products that will harm the body into the bloodstream, and that’s why  the person cannot lose those kgs easily and no matter how much effort he makes, he does not succeed, the problem then is not the diet only, but the toxins and the silent chronic inflammation (toxic fat) that blocks  this loss of weight.

What is the solution?

Detoxifying the fatty tissue, incorporating simple and healthy practices such as intermittent fasting, physical activity, DETOX serum therapies, and chelations to remove these compounds into our lifestyle. 

And so we will lose weight healthily and sustainably over time.