Probiotics are those friendly bacteria that help us maintain good health, not only intestinal but even emotional and defend us from different aggressors. But, what do they eat, how they live? among the foods that they need are prebiotics, which are some carbohydrates and fiber that favor the development of beneficial bacteria and inhabit the growth of dangerous and harmful bacteria, therefore it is essential to incorporate them into the diet on a daily basis, we find them in some foods such as:

• Bananas
• Asparagus
• Tomatoes
• pore
• Garlic
• Artichokes
• Onions
• Blueberries
• flaxseeds
• Vegetables in general
• Other sources include: Fructoligosaccharides, inulin, galactooligosaccharides,
In case of dysbiosis, it is necessary, in addition to improving the diet and receiving probiotics, to include prebiotics in order to recover it as soon as possible. It is vital understanding that this must be a sustained change over time to achieve an excellent recovery of the extremely important intestinal health.