They say beauty is  harmony, which is why we seek the balance between cheekbones and chin. Between those two, we have a “fat pad” called Bichat’s adipose ball. When this ball is excessively large,  it breaks this proportion, giving a round and thick face appearance in which the cheekbones do not stand out or the edge of the jaw looks plump or overweight.

Bichectomy is one of the techniques that allow a refinement of the disharmonious face due to an excess of fat in the cheeks.

This surgery consists of the partial removal of these fatty structures located between the masseter and buccinator muscles of the cheeks, it is performed with local anesthesia or intravenous sedation and does not leave obvious scars, since the incisions are made inside the mouth.


  • Thinner cheeks with improved facial beauty.
  • Better defined face (cheekbones – chin triangle)

Duration of the procedure: 1 hr.

Recovery time: 7 days. 

This is a surgery that can be  performed alongside the liposuction of the cheeks and submental region. 

Keep in mind: the previous evaluation is IMPORTANT, operating on young patients with large size of the Bichat fat ball when there is NO excess fatty tissue in the area or there is flaccidity in the cheek, is not convenient.  The aesthetic results of bichectomy are not the best as they can lead to  long-term depressions,in addition to premature aging of the face with ptosis or loss of the soft tissues of the cheeks months after surgery. For these cases, there are other excellent alternatives to refine and beautify the face, such as the endoscopic suspension.