Dermosustentación threads are biocompatible filaments (they don’t generate  rejection) that are introduced into the dermis of the face through a very fine cannula, it is a non-surgical procedure.

They are toothed or spiculated threads preloaded in very thin needles, made of a material called polydioxanone (PDO), which is reabsorbed by the body in a variable time (12 months approx.), Without causing allergies or any sequelae or trace of its passage, in such a way that if in the future we wish to perform a facelift  surgery there is no problem.

They cause a slight lifting effect on the face, which is appreciated almost immediately, in addition stimulates  collagen  production in the skin, an effect that will be seen progressively over the 2-3 months after its insertion.

they produce a  traction effect, in the treated areas (cheeks, cheekbones, neck, double chin) giving it a natural result.

At  Girestetic we use just  threads in a few cases, because its effect is significantly enhanced if we associate it with  laser endo lifting , thus generating synergy between both procedures with a better result.


  • It is a short time procedure, between 30 and 60 minutes.
  • Just one session.
  • The threads are invisible to the eye and imperceptible to the touch.
  • can be associated with other treatments (Fillers, botulinum toxin).
  • The threads are neither visible nor palpable.
  • They do not leave scars.
  • It can be repeated as many times as desired, there are no restrictions.
  • Effect time: 18/24 months.
  • Duration of the procedure: 30 min.
  • Recovery time: 2 days.


  • Mild sagging of the cheek, neck, malar area (cheekbones).
  • History of previous facial rejuvenation surgery that need a refreshment without surgery.
  • Cheek ptosis preventive treatment.


  1. The first step is to cleanse the skin.
  2. Mark the entry points and the path lines through which the threads must pass.
  3.  local anesthesia.
  4. Inserting the threads with the preloaded needles.
  5. Light traction and readjustment of the skin to the new position sought.
  6. Attachment of the outlet and trimming ends.
  7. Splinting the face with microporous tape for 48 hours.
  8. Placement of elastic garment (chin guard).

Post Procedure Indications:

The first 7 days are important because the threads will be attached to the patient’s tissues, therefore it is recommended that:

  1. You Get enough rest the first week after your treatment, try to avoid intense physical efforts, turning your head abruptly or carelessly as it will disinsert the spicules that pull the skin.
  2. If possible, try to avoid chewing excessively hard foods.
  3. Local cold to avoid edema.
  4. Avoid sports activities for at least the first two weeks after your treatment.


  • Pregnancy/breastfeeding
  • Immunosuppressed people.
  • Active infections in application areas .
  • Clotting disorders/aspirin users, anticoagulants .
  • Excessive flaccidity of the skin, as these cases require surgical correction.