An important part of the harmonious body contour is  beautiful buttocks, thighs and legs. There are multiple treatments to improve these regions, but for this it is necessary for the surgeon to evaluate and determine if the problem is in the skin (flaccidity, stretch marks), localized fatty deposits, or lack of muscle development and thus be able to choose the ideal treatment. 

Surgical procedures include: 

  • Liposculpture with fat grafts in the buttocks and calves. 
  • Silicone gel implants at intramuscular level. 
  • Gluteal pexia. 

When it is indicated, implants that increase gluteal volume and / or the calf area (calf) can be done in patients who require them and as an alternative when there is not enough fat for a lipo implant. 

Pre-designed implants of different shapes and volumes of high resistance medical grade silicone gel are used, approved by the FDA and by the sanitary regulations of our country, they are placed intramuscularly in the buttocks or in front of or behind the Calf muscles in the case of the calves, so the result is more natural, even on palpation.


  • Not necessary  excess body fat.
  •  Liposuction is not necessary. 
  • Immediate improvement of the contour of the legs and buttocks.


  • aesthetic improvement of the gluteal or calf areas.
  • Gluteal / calf hypoplasia (small size). 
  • Gluteal ptosis (drooping). 
  • Traumatic deformity and/or fat atrophy. 
  • Previous lipografts that have been reabsorbed. 
  • Lack of sufficient fat to perform a lipo implant.


  1. Begins marking the patient standing and sitting. 
  2. Under epidural anesthesia, the area where the implants will be placed is marked, 
    • For buttocks in the intergluteal groove and the case of 
    • For calves in the crease of the popliteal fossa.
  3. Formation of pockets with the intramuscular technique. 
  4. Placement of implants in the previously designed location. 
  5. Placement of suction drainage. 
  6. Closure with stitches and bandage. 
  7. The duration of the procedure is approx. 2 hrs.  

Postoperative care: 

    • Hospitalization can be from 24 to 48 hours. 
    • Receive the prescribed antibiotic and analgesic treatment.
    • Take care of the drains placed until their removal. 
    • Avoid sitting for about 48 hours in the case of the buttocks. 
    • In calf implants, you should wait to walk and do it with a 3 to 5 cm wedge block for about 3 weeks to avoid tension in the area.
    •  Wear the elastic garment and medium compression stockings for the next 3 weeks.
    • Recovery time can be 10-14 days. 
    • The final result will be seen weeks after when  the inflammation will subside. 
    • Post-operative lymphatic drainage. 

Other recommendations: 

  • With this surgery, the volume of the buttocks and/or calves is increased. It can be combined with liposculpture in the adjacent areas, achieving a better contour of the body silhouette. The size of the implant must be adequate and not excessively large so that the naturalness of the result is not lost. In the case of bodybuilders, evaluate the possibility of putting a calf implant because due to its activity the area tends to be subjected to constant stress due to training with the possibility of extrusion (exit of the implant). The injection of liquid silicone and any other biopolymer is totally contraindicated due to the terrible repercussions both  aesthetic and systemic .